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    If you DREAM of your day being



 & fun

flat lay flash photography of wedding accessories including blue high heels
Luxury Wedding Photographer Jordyn Hatchley standing in front of large canvas artwork

I love weddings.           
    I love art. 

  I love art at

I'm Jordy.

Thanks for being here. It means a lot.

I’ve been capturing weddings for the past ten years and I consider it a privilege to capture what will be one of the most special days of your life. There isn't much I love more than capturing people's memories. After all your wedding photos are so much more than, well, photos. They’re heirlooms you’ll show your children, your grandchildren, and maybe even strangers will gaze upon them in 100 years.

My approach to a wedding day is to capture how it feels. To look for authentic moments between you and your loved ones. Providing guidance when needed, but mostly by capturing the day as it unfolds naturally.

Weddings can be about traditions, family and culture.

They can also be about breaking the norm and doing whatever you want.

What ever your style, I'd love to be there. JH, x

what people say about working with me

I hadn't looked through all the photos in a while and I still cannot believe how amazing they are. Your talent is insane, forever grateful!


We just wanted to say a massive thank you for capturing our day so well. All of the photos look amazing and we couldn't be happier.


Jordyn was able to make us feel very comfortable and is a complete professional in the process. To say we are thrilled with the photos is an understatement, they are absolutely stunning!



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