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This could be                 the start of something beautiful

Your wedding day will be one of the most beautiful days in your life, but we both know there’s stress to it as well. I’m here to take the stressful part out of the equation when it comes to your wedding photos so you can be relaxed and simply glow in front of my lens. These are our steps from now to the I Do’s.

1. Initial contact & pricing

Let’s chat via email. You’ll tell me EVERYTHING about your wedding day so I can provide you with a detailed price guide to help you decide how much time you need.

2. Let’s meet

Either online or in person, let's get to know each other more. The goal is to get as comfortable with each other as possible. You’ll thank me when you look at your wedding photos and can’t detect a hint of awkwardness :)

3. Lock it in Eddie 

Settle a deposit, read over and sign the contract to secure the booking.

4. Question time

Fill in the questionnaire once your finer details and timeline have been decided. I’m here to help you with your timeline and offer any advice you may need.  My line’s always open.

5. Location Scout

I’ll visit your venue prior to the day to find the perfect portrait locations

6. Wedding Day!

Sit back, relax and enjoy every second.

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